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November 4, 2005

Kilgore Embraces Bush


Like many Republican candidates recently, Jerry Kilgore has been keeping Bush at arm’s length as the president’s approval ratings plummet. But desperate times call for desperate measures:

The White House is expected to announce this morning that President Bush will hold a last-minute, election-eve rally for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore in Richmond, sources in Virginia said.

Apparently the idea is to energize the hard core of Republicans who still worship Dubya, but it’s a risky strategy when, as of last month, Virginians aren’t fans of Bush’s performance: 56 percent disapprove, and only 41 percent approve, of the job he’s doing as president. I guess Kilgore is hoping that the 56 percent won’t be paying attention when he’s holding his rally with the Failure in Chief.

If Bush stands beside Kilgore on Monday and then the voters of Virginia reject him on Tuesday, that will be a remarkable slap in the president’s face from a red state. If you want to help that happen, there are plenty of opportunities between now and Tuesday to volunteer in Virginia.


  1. Kilgore has made some questionable moves recently. From the people I have talked with it seems that his proposal to
    I-66 has been met with a great deal of skepticism by northern Virginians. His courting of Bush seems like a dumb move too.
    The hard-core right-wingers are already going to vote for Kilgore, this move will only serve to alienate Northern Virginia
    swing voters.

    Jason Bradfield12:46 pm

  2. The article has grown since I originally linked to it. I like this quote:

    “At the end of this election, Virginians will see me standing up with Mark Warner, and they will see Jerry Kilgore standing up with George Bush,” Kaine said. “They’ll get to ask the question: Which is being better run, Virginia or the nation?”

    Keith10:02 pm

  3. More and moer, This race reminds of North vs. Robb, but with fewer calories. :D

    StealthBadger9:33 am, November 5

  4. We can hope, SB. My bet is Kilgore has no future as a radio host when he loses, though.

    Keith9:42 am, November 5

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