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November 8, 2005

Today’s the Day!


The Virginia election is today. If you live in Virginia, don’t forget to vote, and make sure all your progressive and moderate friends and family vote as well. The outcome will turn on which side does a better job of activating its supporters. Which direction for the future will Virginians support?


  1. I voted–go Kaine! I think will be fine if the machines count accurately.

    Last night, we received not only the bogus mailing with the donkey on it (claiming to be a Democratic mailing, but from Jerry and telling us to vote for Potts), but the trashy robocall saying “NARAL is refusing to endorse Tim Kaine! Vote for Potts instead!” from the so-called “Honest Leadership for Virginia”. Fortunately, I’d just read on about the robocall, otherwise it’d have caused great household consternation. I’d have to say that Jerry Kilgore is “not a good man” (as Lynn Cheney would say). Here’s hoping we will be through with him after today.

    —Jill • 4:22 pm

  2. I’d been meaning to post about Kilgore’s dirty tricks yesterday. I figured there weren’t that many Virginia voters who’d be reading DCDL who wouldn’t have already seen the news at Atrios or Daily Kos or one of the Virginia blogs. But maybe you would’ve been one.

    Mom and Dad are out knocking on doors to get voters to the polls for Kaine today in Richmond — the first time they’ve ever gotten so involved in a campaign. If that’s any sign of how other people are acting, then we should have good news tonight, and something to raise a glass to at DCDL Thursday.

    Keith4:58 pm

  3. What a good day– Kaine’s victory (made all the more beautiful by Bush’s last minute sabotage of Gomer Kilgore), we made $75 selling Scooter’s atrocious soft-core novel, and the Republicans big investigation into the CIA “Black Sites” leak will apparently be revealing a REPUBLICAN leaker or leakers. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    —Paul • 12:13 am, November 9

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