DCDL http://dcdl.org the blog of DC Drinking Liberally Wed, 03 Jun 2009 13:20:33 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Drinking Liberally at the Woman’s National Democratic Club Join us this Thursday, June 4, 6:30–9, at the Woman’s National Democratic Club* in Dupont Circle (1526 New Hampshire Ave NW). This will be the first of a series of venues we’d like to take a closer look at for our future home. We’ve had a few suggestions, and we’ll take ... http://dcdl.org/2009/06/03/womans-national-democratic-club No DC Drinking Liberally This Week With the closing of Timberlake’s, we’re taking the week off and lining up some locations to try out over the next few weeks. Let us know if you have suggestions or want to help with the search. http://dcdl.org/2009/05/27/no-dc-drinking-liberally-this-week DCDL Says Goodbye to Timberlake’s, May 21 After more than 30 years, Mr. Timberlake is retiring and selling the place, which will close at the end of the month. That means that after more than 4 years, DC Drinking Liberally has to find a new home. Join us as we say goodbye to a Dupont Circle institution ... http://dcdl.org/2009/05/20/dcdl-says-goodbye-to-timberlakes DC City Council Chair Vincent Gray at Drinking Liberally Do you have questions about what’s going on in DC’s local government? Voting rights? Same-sex marriage? Homelessness? The relationship between the city council and the mayor? If so, you’re in luck, because this week in place of our usual get-together we’re joining with our friends from DC for Democracy to host ... http://dcdl.org/2009/05/13/vincent-gray-drinking-liberally Mike Lux at DCDL From New Album 1/22/09 12:41 PM http://dcdl.org/2009/01/23/mike-lux-at-dcdl Inaugural Events I’m compiling a list of affordable (at least relative to some others) events surrounding the inauguration. Let me know of any others that sound interesting. Wednesday, January 14 DC for Democracy Meetup, 7–9pm, Harriet’s Family Restaurant (not Harry’s), 432 11th Street NW (Metro Center). Our friends at the local grassroots group DC4D ... http://dcdl.org/2009/01/13/inaugural-events Democratic State Committee Candidates Besides the primary for elected officials, the other election happening tomorrow (on the same ballots) is that for most members of the DC Democratic State Committee (DSC, the local branch of the Democratic Party), including DC’s representatives on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — who will be superdelegates in 2012. The ... http://dcdl.org/2008/09/08/democratic-state-committee-candidates Vote Tuesday in the DC Democratic Primary Tuesday, September 9, is primary day here DC. If you’re a Democrat, Republican, or State Green Party member who’s been registered to vote in DC for at least 30 days, be sure to get to the polls. See the Board of Elections and Ethics site for information. If you live in ... http://dcdl.org/2008/09/08/vote-tuesday-in-the-dc-democratic-primary List Problems The word from the national Drinking Liberally folks is that there’ve been some problems with the e-mail announcement lists and unfortunately in changing list software the modifications for the last month or so have been lost. That means that if you subscribed to or unsubscribed from the DCDL announcement list within ... http://dcdl.org/2008/07/24/list-problems David Sirota at DCDL Join your friends at DCDL, FireDogLake.com, TheSeminal.com, and DC For Democracy in welcoming our special guest David Sirota on Wednesday, June 4: 6:30-7:30 See David discuss his new book: “The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington”at Borders, 1801 K Street NW. 8:00-9:00 (Happy ... http://dcdl.org/2008/06/03/david-sirota-at-dcdl