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June 10, 2005

Very Cool


Via dcist we learn that free wifi is coming to Old Town:

The one-year pilot program provides outdoor wireless service in an eight-block zone stretching from Washington Street to the Potomac River along King Street — the Old Town main drag that attracts tourists and residents with its shops and restaurants.

If you’ve got a bike, I’ll add that the Mount Vernon trail takes you from downtown DC to Old Town along the Potomac in what can only be called a classic piece of Americana.


  1. Related to this, today’s Progress Report has a section devoted to Big Telecom’s efforts to kill commuity Wi-Fi:

    —Luis • 3:54 pm, June 13

  2. Very interesting. I see from the article that the SC has said it’s okay
    for states to ban community wi-fi.

    I would guess that the fear of the Verizon’s of the world would be
    if wi-fi, or broadband in general became a publicly-owned utility.

    In the case of Old Town, they’re clearly using it to make themselves more
    attractive as a tourist destination.

    —AltHippo • 6:11 pm, June 13

  3. I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard much about the threat of free wifi networks contributing to anonymous communication by terrorists. Surely the telecom companies would like to portray this as being about homeland security rather than simply protecting their profits (though that’s probably enough, with the current administration, as Santorum’s statements on weather data suggest).

    Keith7:09 pm, June 13

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