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March 10, 2008

Dream Team?


On NPR this morning, Cokie Roberts talked about the possibility of a Clinton/Obama ticket, describing it as “the Dream Team”. She’s hardly alone.

But a Survey USA poll released last week shows that two thirds of Americans — including 61% of Democrats, 70% of independents, and 77% of Republicans — do not want Obama and Clinton to run on a ticket together.

Whose dream is this, exactly?

While I’m at it, Roberts also said that “depending on what count you look at”, Obama is leading Clinton in delegates by 50 to 100. This is true only if by “50 to 100″ she meant 99 to 110. Is it too much to ask that people who appear on national news programs to talk about the presidential election actually know the most basic facts about what’s going on?


  1. It is the “dream team” of Bicoastals who don’t surf the Web and have no idea how much “Hillary Hate” there is in Mid-America. As much as I admire the NY Senator, it is clear that her presence anywhere on the Democratic ticket will motivate Republican turn-out and guarantee the Presidency to Senator McCain.

    Mike Licht2:16 pm

  2. While i agree there does seem to be a lot of irrational animosity towards clinton she is also running a bad campaign. She has turned off a lot of former fence sitters also. The democrats knoew how much middle american disliked her before she ran. The new information is that she’s pissed off a lot of independents with her race baiting. (Quite a few white independents included.)

    It might come as a shock to people who don’t travel far into america, but Hillary would have trouble winning Virginia because she the image she is projecting is too conservative. I can’t think of that many democrats who were able to win in my state if they weren’t considered liberal. As the only people who are willing to give democrats a chance are the racially inclucive independents.

    (The biggest chunck of independents here are socially liberal or moderate. In my part of the state the battles we fight are over roads not gay marriage, but this is consided to be the area that democrats are most competitive. I suppose they could go after Huckabee’s voters but it might take awhile and it would end up completely pissing off the part of the state in which they are most likely to win…)

    —Elizabeth • 4:28 pm, May 15

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