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June 14, 2005

Robert Greenwald’s Latest


I was perusing Wakeup Walmart when I read this from Robert Greenwald:

Titles are always a challenge. Outfoxed came in a breath of genius to my good friend Earl Katz, but usually it is tough going. And more so than usual with Wal-Mart. Let me explain…we were looking for something that framed the story, de-constructed Wal-Mart and drew attention, hence the subtitle — “The High Cost of Low Price.” However, in talking with George Lakoff, he wisely pointed out that people will primarily remember “low price.” Furthermore, even after weeks of discussion, when I started looking at the title in print and on the website, it doesn’t look like a movie title. So rather then compound the less then perfect title, back to the drawing board.

So he’s asking his blog readers for a title. Here’s my favorites so far:

Any suggestions?


  1. Interesting site — like you title and humor. Good luck with it.

    KOB6:41 pm

  2. I’ll return the compliment, I like your site. When I first moved to DC I was looking for someone with their ear to the DC blogosphere.

    Cory and I have talked about ideas for a blogger-related event. I hope you let us know if you have ideas.

    alt hippo7:54 pm

  3. Thanks, KOB. I’ve added DC Blogs to our DC links.

    Keith12:11 am, June 15

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