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July 21, 2005

Supreme Court Disinformation


In covering the Roberts appointment, the press is mostly ignoring the fact that they spent a whole day telling us the nominee was Edith Clement because confidential sources in the White House were telling them she was. Finally Howard Kurtz is talking about the issue, but he avoids the point that Atrios and Kevin Drum make: What’s the purpose of protecting a source who’s lied to you? And how does that work, anyway? When the same source calls a journalist again, does the journalist just pretend not to notice that the information was bogus last time? Or does the administration have an infinite supply of disposable sources ready to call journalists?

The White House apparently views the media, and by extension the public they’re supposed to inform, as an enemy in a war. Therefore it feels justified in using disinformation against them, and us. That’s a dangerous situation for a democracy. And if the Bush administration is willing to lie to us about such a small thing, what else are they willing to lie about? That question has been asked many times before, of course, on topics from whether Dick Cheney had ever met John Edwards to whether aluminum tubes were weapons of mass destruction. The answer seems to be that they’re willing to lie about anything. Lying has zero cost, as far as they’re concerned, so as long as they think there’s any benefit at all, no matter how small, lying is their first instinct.

There are other shameful aspects of how Bush handled the announcement of Roberts. How does Judge Clement feel about being used as a decoy? It shows a serious lack of respect and consideration. Also, originally the announcement was supposed to be made in a week or two, but the schedule was suddenly rushed, presumably to knock the Rove-Plame story off the front pages. Once again, this administration puts politics above everything else.


  1. The Bush administration also showed its contempt for the Senate
    (the Senate Democrats in particular) this week. Although the
    Democrats haven’t really said anything about it (that’s another
    issue), Bush did NOT consult with the Democrats in good faith
    (as per the resolution drafted by the Gang of 14 senators) when
    he opted not to discuss a list of finalists before making a
    nomination. The president basically used the same logic he
    used in making other nominations with no warning (Janice
    Rodgers Brown, Priscilla Owen and William Pryor). Democrats
    called the one meeting between the White House and the senators
    “a good start” but clearly expected substantive follow-up
    consultations. Sen. Leahy repeatedly asked the White House to
    provide a list of finalists (that was standard practice under
    previous presidents, after all). One more example of a secretive
    and dishonest presidency.

    —Jesse • 11:47 am

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