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August 4, 2005

Somerby Meltdown


Last week Keith wondered what was going on at the Daily Howler.

I’d like to suggest that Bob Somerby may have been bitten by a rabid dog.

Take for instance this post, where he goes through several right-wing talking points on l’Affaire de Rove, and then rants:

If you don’t want to read what we have to say, don’t! But we hope readers will abandon their feeble impulse to search for our “motives” in presenting this material—to search for reasons why we’d say things like this. We’ve worked much longer and harder—much longer and harder—than you have done on matters like this, and by the way, who was right in March 1999 and every day for twenty months after that, while your fiery heroes stared off into space, putting the current prez in the White House? Given the track record of the past seven years, you don’t have to agree with anything we say, but you might put your “motive” theoretics away. We’ll explain our “motives”—and they’re very high-minded, just as they were when they produced pleasing stories, stories you liked, and you praised us for our fine, lofty values.

Keith, any other possible explanations? If not a rabid dog, maybe he was bitten by Michelle Malkin?


  1. Maybe he’s a were-wingnut? I have no special insights, so other commenters should feel free to jump in.

    I have no idea what that rant is supposed to mean. Is he saying he was right about the media’s mistreatment of Gore? Of course he was, but I don’t see why that should give him a free pass to spout drivel now. And who are our “fiery heroes”?

    And why on earth does he keep nitpicking all these liberal bloggers to death while ignoring the conservative blogs? Either stick to criticizing just the big media, or criticize blogs on both sides.

    Keith5:59 pm

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