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August 5, 2005

Speaking of Intelligent Design


At the Thursday Happy Hour the subject of intelligent design came up.

Just thought I’d mention that the American Fascist Association has a new poll:

Should students be exposed to different ideas, or should they be shielded from information about intelligent design? Give us your opinion.

Yeah, I really want the Christian Right to decide which “new ideas” I should get exposed to.

At this time 54575 mouth breathers were in favor of teaching ID, while 2692 round-earth theorists were against it.


  1. It’s called push polling. Target undecideds, then phrase the question to plant a seed in their minds. A seed that sprouts into conformism, hopefully.

    Also notice that the poll specified “different ideas,” not “new ideas.” There’s nothing new about ID, except the sales pitch.

    —r occam • 8:20 pm, August 7

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