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August 29, 2005

Unity Walk


When Keith and I were discussing the “Freedom Walk” I kept wondering what an appropriate alternative might look like. The Unity Walk, organized not by the Pentagon, but by members of the local religious community sounds exactly right:

September 11, 2005: We will convene at 1pm with an opening ceremony at the largest synagogue in DC, The Washington Hebrew Congregation, located at 3935 Macomb Street - the corner of Macomb St. & Massachusetts Ave, NW.

The Walk begins at 2pm sharp, proceeding on Massachusetts Ave, up to Wisconsin Ave. and down Embassy Row, visiting faith communities along the way. These include: Christ Church of Washington, Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, the National Sikh Gurdwara, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, and the Community of Christ.

The Walk will stop at the The Islamic Center of Washington, 2551 Mass Ave. The Walk continues to its conclusion at the Gandhi Memorial at Massachusetts Ave., hosted by the United Hindu-Jain Temple Association.

Clint Black will not be singing “Iraq and I Roll” at the conclusion of the walk.


  1. One point that should be clarified is that nonreligious people are welcome too. The FAQ says:

    What ideology am I supporting with the Walk?

    • Although coming together and walking in unity may have meaning, spiritual or otherwise for the individual; the organizers of the walk have purposely sought not to promote a particular message or faith.
    • The walk is open to people of all faiths, and no faith.
    • To emphasize the NON-political nature of the walk, all signs, and placards are strictly forbidden — Republicans walk with Democrats, and Democrats with Republicans (Hand Holding is Optional!)

    I wonder if the Freedom Walk will have a rule about signs?

    It does seem a bit odd to say that the Unity Walk has no message, though. It’s not just for exercise, after all.

    Keith5:22 pm

  2. It’s too bad that’s also Adams Morgan Day. That will draw off some possible participants.

    Keith12:12 am, August 30

  3. I appreciate the posts about the Unity Walk. I think this is an
    important symbolic event. The politics of Unity behind the Unity
    Walk are implicit and people should draw their own conclusions,
    but I think that the message is there. I guess that the absence
    of a message up front that Keith refers to is necessary in order
    to bring together people from diverse backgrounds.

    I think it would be great if we could have a link to the
    DC Unity Walk site with the other DC links.

    —Lee Diamond • 6:20 pm, August 30

  4. Good idea, Lee. I’ve added the link in the sidebar.

    Keith9:41 pm, August 30

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