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September 10, 2005

Wingnut War on Geometry


The Liberal Avenger alerts us to the latest thing keeping vigilant right-wing bloggers awake at night. It seems that the proposed memorial for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania has been infected with Islamic symbolism — specifically, a crescent (well, actually it’s an arc, but these geometric figures all look the same). Buck Batard at Bad Attitudes takes the next step, revealing that South Carolina is actually a secret Islamofascist stronghold.

Now remember we’re not talking about an actual crescent (which itself is a simple enough shape that it occurs in lots of contexts). The objection is to something that looks like a crescent. What else looks like a crescent? Consider the alphabet.

That’s right, from now on all true Amerikan Konservatives must avoid the third letter!


  1. So that means the Conservative Citizens Council will be changing their name, I guess…

    Maximus2:13 am, September 11

  2. Funny,

    when you look at the proposed NYC towers and the resulting skyline, woek the angles, it looks just like a big middle finger with supporting knuckles, facing mecca.

    just sayin’

    —mdhatter • 2:50 am, September 11

  3. These people are gonna be really unhappy to hear that about South Carolina.

    StealthBadger7:20 pm, September 11

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