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September 12, 2005

Freedom Walk Reports


There’s a fair bit of blogging out there about the Freedom Walk — though surprisingly few photos on Flickr. I went to the Unity Walk instead (and ran into Paulo of How Now, Brownpau?), but here are a couple of interesting bits of blogospheric coverage:

Update: AltHippo has a report as well.


  1. DC: 9/11/2005

    Today was September 11th, 2005: a Sunday. As with most Sundays, I started it with church. Here is me in the choir rehearsal room, where…

    How Now, Brownpau?6:40 pm, September 13

  2. “…including a couple of idiots who decided to add offensive messages to their shirts (and will star on right-wing websites for years to come) but who amazingly managed to escape bodily injury.”

    Mostly everyone looked too tired to care, though I expect they got some dirty looks at the first part of the walk. Considering the irony of the event was lost on these people, and most of the energy they had was expended on walking from Arlington to the Reflecting Pool, the idiots had nothing to fear.

    Going through my notes, I also saw an older activist who took his shirt, drew a circle-slash over the event logo, and wrote “Pentagon Propoganda” over it. That was neat. He took a friend’s shirt and did the same thing to it, safety-pinning it to his back so the message was visible from both sides. That’s a message I can get behind.

    StealthBadger11:12 am, September 14

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