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September 22, 2005

Lurker Day


Via Crooked Timber, I see that Creek Running North has declared today Lurker Day, so DCDL is joining. If you don’t know what a lurker is, you probably are one, since lurkers (the term is not derogatory) are people — the majority of blog readers — who read posts but never make comments. If you’re reading this, please make a comment and tell us who you are, why you read DCDL, how you found us, or whatever you want to say. And if you’re in the DC area, join us tonight at Timberlake’s, 1726 Connecticut Avenue NW (north of Dupont Circle) starting at 6:30.

Happy Lurker Day!


  1. I lurk right behind Keith. I’m sitting about three feet away from him right now, lurking. When I do comment, I just say it to him. It’s called talkblogging or voicecasting or something like that.

    Paulo2:00 pm

  2. I’ve made one comment, but I primarily lurk. I’m Keith’s younger brother. I have this big rant I want to post about recent comments I heard from Limbaugh & Hannity, but I just don’t have the energy right now…

    —Paul • 7:08 pm

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