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September 30, 2005

Since You Ask


Over at my other place, a reader had written in asking some really good questions. Since I had just posted on Pombo, this largely serves as a follow up to that previous post.

  • Why isn’t anybody talking about the attempts the Republicans are making
    at gutting the Endangered Species Act? Congressman Pombo’s bill passed
    in the House yeserday, so they are one step away from their goal. For
    the past few days I was bugging my friends to call the congressfolks
    about this and most of them simply looked at me with a horrified
    expression, stating they never heard about this.

    There’s a short article in today’s Washington Post here. Also, this TPMCafe post has some useful links.

    As I mention over at DCDL, Pombo has a history of anti-environmental legislation. While this reflects a viewpoint that many conservatives share, that the environment is a resource that should be exploited, with Pombo you get the sense it’s personal. The bit about openning up Roosevelt island to Condo developers is vintage Pombo.

    If folks on the left reacted strongly to every reactionary move Pombo made, then we wouldn’t have any energy left over to fight the rest of the Bushies. That said, it’s incumbent on us to make sure this bill dies in the Senate.

  • Do you think a budget reconciliation bill opening ANWR up to drilling
    will pass?

    It’s too close to call. One of the more significant things I’ve seen on this issue, was a letter signed by 24 Republican congressmen opposed to using the budget process to resolve the issue.

    A vote is scheduled for this month. I wouldn’t underestimate how strongly people feel about preserving the Arctic Refuge. I also wouldn’t underestimate how much money is at stake for Republican donors. ExxonMobil, for instance is the 12th largest Republican contributor, according to boycottbush. They’re also first in line at the trough to profit from potential ANWR oil.

  • comments

    1. What’s awful is the advertising campaign being pushed around for reforming this act. They’re pushing it under the guise of “Let’s reform it so it will work better”. Complete hokum.

      also: wanted to give a shout out to all the folks for being so friendly to a newcomer such as myself at the DC meeting yesterday.

      —ortsed • 4:26 pm

    2. That’s standard Republican newspeak, ortsed. Remember Social Security “reform”.

      Keith5:24 pm

    3. also: wanted to give a shout out to all the folks for being so friendly to a newcomer such as myself at the DC meeting yesterday.


      That goes for me too, since it was my first time there and I was in a ferociously combatative mood. -_-;

      StealthBadger5:53 pm, October 1

    4. Oh, come on, SB. I was sitting right next to you — though involved in the conversation on the other end of the table — during this alleged ferociousness. I didn’t notice any bloodshed or even raised voices.

      It’s no fun if we all agree with each other all the time. Besides, we’ve got to keep our arguing skills in good practice for confrontations with Bush supporters.

      Keith7:13 pm, October 2

    5. *snickers*

      It was the part where I tried to disengage from the debate several times because I was having trouble keeping my voice down that I mean more than anything. :D But if y’all didn’t mind, then life is good.

      StealthBadger8:02 am, October 3

    6. Pombo also received money from right-wing lobbyist Jack Abramoff. See the following:

      This wikipedia entry is also a pretty good backgrounder on the whole Abramoff scandal, which I think has the greatest potential of any of the numerous shady dealings because Abramoff is at the nexus of the conservative power structure in DC. He’s connected to everybody, which means he could bring everybody down with him, causing a massive leadership vacuum in the conservative movement.

      —Jason Bradfield • 8:27 am, October 3

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