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October 18, 2005

Popcorn Recipes


I’m not going to speculate on who is going to be indicted by Fitzgerald, or what the charges will be. Instead, I plan to use the time more productively: browsing for popcorn recipes.

Between the forthcoming indictiments and the prospect of seeing Delay’s mug shot after he gets booked this weekend, I want to make sure I have the right snack foods on hand.

Something odd about that Delay thing by the way. This morning I read this in the Washington Post: (emphasis mine)

Texas is one of 18 states that bars the expenditure of corporate funds for campaign purposes, and the indictment alleged that the two fund transfers were an attempt to subvert state law.

The Republican National Committee and DeLay’s associates have asserted that the transfers were legal, because the money from Texas went into one bank account and the funds that went to Texas were paid from another account in Washington.

Delay’s defensive appears to be that he didn’t accept an illegal contribution, since it was laundered. Now common sense would say that this violates the plain meaning of illegal donation law, but lawyers have a way of rushing in where common sense fears to tread.

IMHO, this is an important detail of the article, since it shows that Delay certainly violated the spirit of the law, while it may be true that there’s a way of crossing your eyes so that when you look at the paper from a certain oblique angle the letter of the law is not completely shattered.

So, I thought it was interesting that when the Express (brain-dead mini-paper owned by the Washington Post) wrote up the same story, they managed to leave that detail out. In fact, if you read the Express version, it sounds like the case against Delay is shaky, and Earle is just being mean.

I guess the whole truth may be bad for business, eh, WaPo?


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    There’s been a flurry of excitement in the blogosphere about rumors that Dick Cheney might resign. Before you overbuy champagne (and popcorn), a word of caution is in order, and Tim Grieve at Salon has one for you:
    As stories pushing the Plame …

    DCDL11:57 pm

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