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November 22, 2005

Cheney Roundup


I caught David Letterman’s monologue last night for the first time in months. You know that the idea of a Vice President for Torture is established in the public mind when a late night comic jokes about Cheney having his Thanksgiving turkey tortured by the CIA. Unfortunately, I fear that despite the supposed resurgence of “moral values”, opposition to torture is not a winning political strategy with the US public.

In any case, Dick Cheney’s recent emergence from his undisclosed location to growl at opponents of the administration’s Iraq fiasco has sparked various responses in the blogs:

Update (2:30pm): Dana Milbank, who was criticized here a while back, gets in a few jabs at Cheney today. I like the opening:

Vice President Cheney protested yesterday that he had been misunderstood when he said last week that critics of the White House over Iraq were “dishonest and reprehensible.”

What he meant to say, he explained to his former colleagues at the American Enterprise Institute, was that those who question the White House’s use of prewar intelligence were not only “dishonest and reprehensible” but also “corrupt and shameless.”

It was about as close as the vice president gets to a retraction.


  1. Not directly related to Cheney– but I had to point THIS out. I had made a point of not listening to Limbaugh Monday because I didn’t want to hear his idiotic take on the Murtha thing. But I was weak this afternoon, and tuned him in for just a few seconds– long enough to hear him broadcast this JAW-DROPPING LIE: That Jeane Schmidt in her pitiful “cut & run” “speech” was “relaying a message from A MARINE IN IRAQ”!!!!! A MARINE IN IRAQ??? How about “not really relaying a message (since he doesn’t want to be associated with it) from a state representative who’s been in the Marine Reserves and who has never see combat”? (Like Cheney– There, it’s related) These guys get away with spewing untruths like this every day!

    —Paul • 7:35 pm

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