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December 1, 2005

Looking for Something a Little Off the Beaten Path?


A couple of events that this Hippo rates as must see:

Saturday, Dec 3, 7:30-9:30. Join DC for Democracy for ‘A Little Rebellion Now’:

Ever wonder how DC voting rights activists could take the battle to the next level? Want to seek inspiration from America’s Founding Fathers and lead the fight to have your vote count? Playwright Lisa Voss does just that with her play A LITTLE REBELLION NOW. Join DC for Democracy’s night on the town, December 3rd.

It tackles D.C. Statehood and the prejudices that fracture the city. Tired of working within the system, African-American community leader Nanni Johnson and gay DC resident Ron Davis forge an uneasy alliance with IMF-World Bank protestors. Nanni and Ron then lead the city in an attempt to secede from the Union. Branded as “terrorists,” the rebels soon find themselves facing down armed U.S. soldiers and resolve to stand their ground, asking the rest of the nation: without the right to rebel, are we really free?

Wednesday, Dec 14, 7:00 pm. Cinema of Norway, An Evening of Animated Shorts:

There’s something for the entire family in this showcase of animated short films: What a Hog! (For et Svin!) (1993, 8 min.), featuring Wally the warthog; Guggen—The Big Cheese (Guggen—Du Store Gauda) (2002, 16 min.), featuring Guggen the ratboy; The King Who Wanted More Than a Crown (Kongen Som Ville Ha Mer Enn En Krone) (1999, 30 min.), featuring the lonely king; and Grandpa Is a Raisin (Na Skal du Hore) (2005, 42 min.), featuring Grandpa and his stories.

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