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February 4, 2006

Dinner and a Movie


As, DL’er Saba pointed out, there’s been a couple of great movies that have come out, that a few of us would like to see, but haven’t made it to for one reason or another.

For instance, Syriana (review here) and Good Night and Good Luck (review here).

There’s also some restaurants that we’ve been meaning to check out, for instance the Burma Restaurant in Chinatown (review here).

After considerable deliberation (okay, we emailed each other and it sounded like a good idea) we’ve come to the conclusion that Saturday, Feb 11 will be DCDL’s Dinner and a Movie Night.

We’ll put this out in the Tuesday email, but you, our readers (Keith, do we have readers?) can now go do the Democracy thing, and tell us your ideal pick of movie and restaurant.


  1. I would love to see Syriana, truthfully.

    StealthBadger1:25 pm, February 5

  2. If anyone besides AltHippo is committed to Good Night and Good Luck, and to eating Burmese…we could have it all in Silver Spring, with Mandalay not too far from the AFI Silver, right by the Metro and one of the few places still playing Good Night and Good Luck…As for movies I always meant to see, I’d add Munich to the list.

    Paula12:04 pm, February 6

  3. I’m up for either Syriana or Good Night and Good Luck. Saba has suggested Syriana at Gallery Place followed by food/drink/discussion at RFD, which is fine with me.

    And yes, AH, we do have readers. Maybe 200 visitors (and 600 page views) a day, though web access stats are always fuzzy and are even fuzzier for blogs in these days of RSS feeds. No idea how many are in the DC area.

    Keith1:23 pm, February 6

  4. RFD is a bit loud for my tastes on a Saturday night. The Burma Restaurant (also Saba’s suggestion) sounds like a good place to check out.

    —AltHippo • 1:34 pm, February 6

  5. Yes, I wasn’t thinking about Saturday crowds. Burma might work better (even if it probably suffers the usual problem of Asian restaurants — no good beer).

    Keith7:57 pm, February 6

  6. Yeah, I’m not really sure why more Asian restaurants haven’t caught on to the good beer thing. Though, Singha is not too shabby, and that seems to be a fairly regular staple.

    I hear what Paula is saying about Silver Spring. Since this is our first stab at doing this, downtown probably makes more sense, though we should look at something in Maryland in the next couple of months.

    Behind the scenes, we’ve been trying to work something with the DNC to get folks out to a Drinking Liberally event. Given the upcoming elections in Maryland, that’s going to be a hot topic. And Silver Spring or Bethesda would be the best places to do something like that.

    —AltHippo • 9:45 pm, February 6

  7. For those interested who aren’t on the e-mail list:

    The plan is to catch the 6:40 showing of Syriana at the Regal Gallery Place followed by dinner at 9:00 at the Burma Restaurant, 740 Sixth Street. Both the theater and restaurant are located convenient to the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop.

    E-mail dcthu{at} if you want to join us.

    And subscribe to the announcement list!

    Keith8:46 pm, February 7

  8. I won’t be able to make it to DL this evening, but I’d be interested in dinner and a movie on
    Saturday, either Syriana or Good Night and Good Luck. I’ve been meaning to see both of those.

    —Seth • 7:18 am, February 9

  9. Meet at the theater at 6:15.

    Keith12:48 pm, February 10

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