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June 22, 2006

Bush Defaces Flag (Again)


With the Congress gearing up to amend the Constitution to partially repeal the First Amendment in order to address the grave threat of flag burning, Bush decided to take out a little time in Austria to scrawl his signature on American flags for some fans. This is a repeat of a flag-autographing stunt he pulled in 2003, for which there is photographic evidence:

Bush signing flag

If desecrating the flag is such an outrage, shouldn’t these Constitution amenders be drawing up articles of impeachment?


  1. Remainders: The Whole Controlled Demolition Thing

    The first rule of HuffPo is — you do not talk about HuffPo. [The Guardian] The enemy of my enemy is my friend. [HuffPo] Fox News knows what’s best for the Administration, even if they don’t — it’s a…

    Wonkette5:52 pm

  2. Bush Tramples Flag for September 11

    Via Americablog, I see that Bush celebrated September 11 with a little flag desecration (a habit I’ve mentioned before). It still seems to me that if something is bad enough to require a constitutional amendment, it should be an impeachable offe…

    DCDL1:27 pm, September 11

  3. Burn A Flag For Democracy

    It’s good to see where the President stands on flag desecration….

    Oliphant Parts3:18 pm, November 15

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