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August 10, 2006

Sundance’s “The Hill”


Tonight at DC Drinking Liberally, we got to see a preview of the first episode of The Hill. First off, it was like any documentary - the production values were a little roughened, the camera cuts a little sharp, etc. But it did what it meant to do - get a sense of the people across. I was fortunate enough to be in the room with at least three of the staffers, looking back and forth between the screen and them. Yes, the people on the show are people on Congressman Wexler’s staff, and he is there as well.

But I’ll be honest - the show is all about the staffers, and even if it wasn’t, they would have stolen the show right from Wexler.

You hear political opinions you might or might not completely agree with, but you see human beings in the process - and you get to see political opinions expressed on television that you just don’t outside of say, the Daily Show. You see people whose goals are sane.

The scenes leading up to and during the 2004 election… are worth seeing the first episode alone, even if it tears your heart out. It did mine, but those moments are FAR from everything wonderful about that half-hour.

I couldn’t stay for the discussion afterwards. I very, very much wish I didn’t have to bolt out at the end of the show, and I wish I had enough time to give you a real idea of just how uplifting this was - not because it was a slick production, but because it shows some of the very real feelings and frustration with living under a GOP government, and still evokes the tremendous fight still left in us.


  1. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the 2004 scenes. They should have warned us it would be horror.

    Keith1:52 am, August 11

  2. I took the liberty of adding a photo, SB.

    Keith9:57 am, August 11

  3. No worries at all, thank you, Kieth.

    I’m horrible with names, but the strangest thing just happened. The staffer who is standing in the middle of the picture above walked into my building at work, on her way to the dentist who is on a different floor. She’s getting married within the next few days, and has all of the pre-wedding stress that all of us who’ve been through it know so well.

    I’m just glad I got the chance to congratulate her (and find out that apologize for bolting, and say how wonderful I thought they did. :D

    Stealthbadger12:11 pm, August 11

  4. So, I watched it last night and thought it was great.. You were right though, the pre/post election material brought back way too many horrific memories, and made me ask myself, once again; How did this guy win again!?!

    —Jake • 9:19 am, August 24


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