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August 24, 2006

DC Democratic Primary Candidates for 2006


I haven’t found an up-to-date list of DC candidates with links to their websites, so I’ve put one together. I’m only listing Democrats, since the Statehood Green and Republican primary candidates are all unopposed.

If you’re a registered Democrat in DC (and if you’re not already registered it’s too late for this primary), you can vote on September 12 for candidates for six citywide offices, plus a councilmember for your ward if you live in Ward 1, 3, 5, or 6. If you don’t know your ward, this form will tell you.

I’ve put the candidates in the order they appear on the ballot and marked the incumbents with an asterisk. (Warning: For many of these sites, you’ll want to turn off your speakers if you’re at work or somewhere else where noises aren’t welcome.)

Delegate to the US House of Representatives

Mayor of the District of Columbia

Chairman of the Council

At-Large Member of the Council

Ward 1 Member of the Council

Ward 3 Member of the Council

Ward 5 Member of the Council

Ward 6 Member of the Council

United States Senator (Shadow Senator)

United States Representative (Shadow Representative)

If you know of a website for any of the candidates I haven’t linked, please share it in the comments. And feel free to add comments about candidates, but let’s keep the smears to a minimum.

Update (September 6): John J. Forster withdrew last week from the shadow representative race.

Update (September 8): Michael A. Brown has withdrawn from the race for mayor.


  1. […] ie under General Stuff 

    All you D.C. Democrats, don’t forget that tomorrow, 12 September 2006, […]

    Don’t Forget to Vote « Beyond the Mall7:34 pm, September 11

  2. You’re welcome for the link. This is a valuable resourse!

    Robbie7:58 pm, September 11

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