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September 13, 2006

Maryland On The Other Hand…


Is a squeeker.

Al Wynn and Donna Edwards are neck and neck for House District 3. The Baltimore Sun has the online results.

Looks like it’s going to be a couple hundred votes either way.

Update: If you want to read a horrific first-hand account of voting in Maryland, I suggest Avi Rubin’s blog. I gather he’s a CompSci professor at Johns Hopkins and has been looking at issues of electronic voting.

Here’s a choice excerpt:

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but it’s all money. They are too cheap to do this right. They should have a real tech person in each precinct, but that costs too much, so they go out and hire a bunch of contractors the day before the election, and they think that they can train us, but it’s too compressed.” Around 4 pm, he came and told me that he wasn’t doing any good there, and that he was too frustrated, and that he was going home. We didn’t see him again.


  1. Donna Edwards just e-mailed this statement to her list:


    I salute my supporters and everyone who struggled to vote on Tuesday.

    I have heard from voters who made several trips to vote, some waited and waited in lines and still others had to cast provisional ballots.

    In our democracy, voters expect to have their ballots counted. I am determined to know what happened in both Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.

    Thousands of voters made a tremendous effort to cast their ballot.

    Voters need to have confidence that their vote counted. I will fight for answers and make sure every ballot is counted.

    Our democracy demands it.

    Looks like the fight will be going on for a few more days at least. When people are disenfranchised, their rights are still violated, whether it’s intentional cheating or incompetence. Someone needs to be held responsible, and there need to be some serious changes to ensure this sort of chaos doesn’t occur again in November.

    Keith12:12 am, September 14

  2. There is no excuse for the polling issues that took place in Maryland this past week. While the focus here is Montgomery County, there were also polling issues in Prince George’s County (where the bigger chuck of the 4th Congressional District is) as well as Baltimore City.

    The solution is state-mandated standards for conducting an election. This would mean having the polling place certified as “ready” twelve hours before the polls open. Missing cards and power cords is simply ridiculous mistakes that should no longer be tolerated without consequences. Of course, this raises the issue of machine security, but if that means human security - then deal with it. It’s part of the cost of doing business.

    No voter should be turned away - no matter what. Using Provisional Ballots is not the remedy for lack of preparation. There is no excuse for lack of preparation.

    Here is where Congress must come in - there is no guaranteed right to vote in America. There must be explicit legislation to equate the right to vote to be a basic, unalienable right for those qualified voters. With this, voters can seek civil redress from being denied their right to vote.

    As for Donna Edwards, I believe she has realized the fire within to work for the people. Her message of inclusion and moral integrity obviously rang true with voters she was able to reach. The clock simply ran out before we could reach all the voters we needed to.

    Based on the unofficial tally from both counties, Donna trails by 2,991 votes. That would take many of provisional and absentee ballots to change. According to Maryland law, the vote must be certified complete by Friday, September 22nd. Any petition for recount can not be made until Monday, September 25th. The State Board of Elections must certify the November General Election Ballot by Saturday, September 30th.

    Of course, courts may intervene at any point in the process.


    —Ed Terry • 2:28 pm, September 14

  3. “Count the Votes” Rally for Donna Edwards

    Via the Maryland blog Crablaw, I see that supporters of Maryland 4th District congressional candidate Donna Edwards will hold a rally Monday morning, September 18, at 9:30 at the Montgomery County Board of Elections (751 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville) …

    DCDL11:17 pm, September 17

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