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September 15, 2006

NOW: Blog the Vote


I see that NOW (WETA Friday 8:30 PM, MPT Saturday 1:30 PM) is doing a segment on the lefty blogosphere airing locally tonight and tomorrow afternoon:

NOW visited one of the blogosphere’s biggest events, the YearlyKos convention in Las Vegas, to see if the bloggers can turn their online advocacy into on-the-ground results.


NOW also talks to Markos Moulitsas, founder of DailyKos, one of the Internet’s biggest and most influential political blog sites. “You have a couple million people reading liberal blogs…and they’re looking for ways to get involved. And they’re looking for ways to participate and take hold of their own democracy. And that is powerful,” says Moulitsas.

I’m glad to hear that PBS is giving some visiblity to the lefty blogosphere. I do sort of wish we could get beyond the notion that Kos is the lefty blogosphere.

I should also mention they have a link for finding a progressive blog in your area, or a conservative blog.

Did you know that there’s no progressive blogs in DC? Sorry, you’re just out of luck. Plenty of conservative blogs, though.


  1. […] : Blog the Vote
    by AltHippo @ 1:18 pm. Filed under Life in DC

    Over at the DCDL blog I mention that NOW is doing a segment on the lefty blogosphere. Which is a good thing, do […]

    alternative hippopotamus » Blog Archive » NOW: Blog the Vote2:18 pm

  2. Yeah, that Left Coaster list isn’t really equivalent to the GOP Bloggers list. It’s intended to be only progressive blogs that focus on 2006 races in particular states. So it’s not surprising that DC is missing. A better list for them to have used is LeftyBlogs.

    Keith3:19 pm

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