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September 17, 2006

Mysterious Ads for Petition Circulators


This afternoon I noticed that the lampposts, trees, and bus shelters along Connecticut Avenue and some side streets around Van Ness have been blanketed with bright yellow signs reading as follows:

Earn $500-$100 weekly
Hiring Immediately!!
Work FT/PT
Citywide Signature Drive - looking for circulators
Must be 18 years or older & eligible to vote in D.C.
Must have valid D.C. ID

The signs are attached with plenty of strong tape to make them hard to remove, and there are many per block. Granted, such illegal postings occur all the time, but this one seems particularly egregious.

Google reveals that the number belongs or belonged to someone named Odell Mcdaniel, but the trail goes cold after that (I’m not a real reporter).

This sounds like the work of the unethical proponents of the unkillable slots initiative, people who never let little things like telling the truth or obeying the law get in the way of attempting to make big bucks at the expense of District residents. If they are the ones behind it, I’d suggest that any circulators demand payment up front, to avoid being stiffed like the homeless people they hired last time around.


  1. I’ve always been puzzled at the success that slots have had, given that they are a machines which are painstakingly programmed to, above all else, take more money than they give out.

    StealthBadger9:30 pm, September 19

  2. Yeah, I’m not a fan of slots either. I’ve rebuffed their requests for signatures 3 or 4 times by this point. I tell them “let me see an open and honest debate about this first. You might convince me the positives outwiegh the negatives. Until then, no.” They always return to “but we’re just asking for your signature. There’s no telling whether or not it’ll pass. We just think it deserves to be on the ballot.” Then I say “Bye-bye.”

    Jesse2:47 pm, September 20

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