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November 23, 2006

Thank you


(crossposted at home)

I have a positive Thanksgiving post to offer on the second anniversary of, and I’m actually grateful for many things this year.

For my country, there are many people I’d like to thank for the process of democracy that began to show real fruits, and will hopefully continue past the election - the process of revitalizing and inspiring the Democratic party to be more than a machine. I hope that the Dems continue to grow and change, as well as become even more responsive and responsible in both their actions and outlook.

…to George W. Bush, Karl Rove, the GOP, and those who would make this, or any other country, a theocracy - for providing the motivation required to break not only my silence, but the apathy of good and kind people all over this planet. May we stuff y’all back under whatever rocks you were spawned as soon as possible, before you kill again, and again.

…to the activists, netziens, and concerned citizens (especially to those of you who were active before November 2004) for paving the way.

…to Governor Howard Dean, for helping to turn the netroots into a political force, and the 50-state strategy.

…to Governor Dean again, Senator John Kerry, Senator John Edwards, and many others working for (or against, or beside) them for helping mobilize a response to to the politics of fantasy empire.

…to Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and the House Democrats who stood with her, and Senator Barbara Boxer for the Objection to the Certification of Ohio’s votes in the 2004 Presidential election. There were points of resistance and honorable dissent within the U.S. before this moment, but this is where the nation, and the world began to clearly see them.

…to Senator Harry Ried, for grabbing the Senate and the country’s attention, and turning it to the obfuscation and obstruction which have been the hallmark of outgoing-Chairman Roberts’ stewardship of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

…to Chairman John Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee Democrats, for their hearing on the Downing Street Minutes (held in spite of the Republicans).

…to Chairman John Conyers again, for taking that petition to the White House.

…to the House Judiciary Committee Democrats again, for continuing their hearing on the Patriot act after Sensenbrenner gaveled it closed, and continuing to give a forum to those who would speak of the Administration’s wrongdoings.

…to the populists, progressives, and decent human beings who helped kick the GOP out of Congressional control - and especially to Ned Lamont and all the many people behind him, for showing us it was possible.

…to all you crazy, frothing-at-the-mouth bloggers, especially those who gave me encouragement and advice (even though I haven’t done such a hot job of making appropriate use of the latter!). Especially thank you to EZsmirkzz, for the advice, encouragement, and linkage. You are missed.

…to my family, for lessons learned and examples given.

…to my brother, for too many reasons to count.

…thank you to (in no particular order) Commander Sue, the inimitable binky, Coturnix (like your new home!), all y’all at Blondesense, driftglass (for giving me a good example of how to rant, be wry, be funny, and be right), Keith, Kim, and the rest of the people who gather for DCDL for helping get me out of my shell (and for my first contributor invite!), Jane Hamsher, Lindsay Beyerstein, Desi, Bitch|Lab, Sean Coon, the sinister freethinker behind Hell’s Handmaiden, the great rantress Blogmom for everything, Buzzflash, Debra, SoloMother, Kiosan, especially to Twisty, all y’all at MLW, and Amanda for putting up with me while I was going through a rough spot, Gary, Alicia, DemiOrator, Chloe for wonderful patience and encouragement, Joe, annatopia, teacherken, for a long, powerful, and oh-so-relevant discussion on what it means to be an American, Samantha for explaining to me about this whole link exchange thing (though we’re on the opposite side of the political spectrum, you’ve always been gracious hosts), The Dark Wraith, Aikane Leo (one of my first commenters, especially for that amusing conversation about political journalism in Florida), the writers at Feministe (and to Lauren, whatever she’s up to), D. F. Facti, Rin, Eric, to everyone in my blogroll (you’re there for a reason), and anyone else I have forgotten. To y’all, an apology as well.

Most of all, thank you to all the wonderful people who I’ve known, and who I’ve learned from. I’ll always try to do (and be) a better human being because of you, and (as you taught me) for myself - because as you’ve taught me, it’s impossible to truly change unless it’s from within.


  1. Thank you. I hope that you enjoyed the food fest and that the coming year brings us some measure of peace instead of having to deal with someone who feels like their back is against the wall.

    Cornered animals must be watched carefully.

    Debra11:26 am, November 24

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