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December 28, 2006

Christmas Cards and Political Signals


I came home from my Christmas trip to Richmond to find four Christmas cards in my mailbox from politicians (okay, only one actually uses the word “Christmas”, but let’s be real). I’m still trying to figure out what signal some of them are trying to send.

The one from Barack Obama is pretty straightforward. Presumably it’s yet another indication that he’s planning to run for president.

More interesting is the card from Dan Seals, the Democrat who unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Mark Kirk in Illinois’s 10th district this year. No other congressional candidate I donated to sent me a card (just e-mail). I’d say this means he’s planning another run.

At-large DC city council member Phil Mendelson also sent a card, presumably to thank me for the small donation I made to his reelection campaign, in which he handily defeated primary challenger A. Scott Bolden. His card doesn’t mention Christmas, but the photo features a Santa hat and a Santa doll.

The most mysterious card came from at-large DC council member Kwame Brown, who’s up for reelection in 2008. I’m curious about how I got on his list, since I’ve never donated to him (or any other DC candidate besides Mendelson). Perhaps he borrowed Mendelson’s list. In case Bill O’Reilly is keeping track, Brown’s is the only card that mentions Christmas.


  1. What a great post! I’m jealous because I didn’t get any holiday cards from politicans.
    After donating to a few of them last year. What bums. Now that I know they should send me
    one I’m upset. :)

    avocado10:28 pm

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