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April 4, 2007

DC Special Election Candidates


The District is having a special election for Wards 3, 4, and 7 on May 1. Since I was researching it for tonight’s DC for Democracy meeting (please attend if you’re looking for a local grassroots political group), I thought I’d do one of my traditional posts listing the candidates in ballot order with links to their websites.

For the special election, there is no primary. Candidates from all the parties, along with independents, run on the same ballot, so the number of candidates can be overwhelming. This would seem to give Republicans their best shot at getting a ward seat in DC, but for some reason no Republicans got onto the ballot.

Residents of Ward 3 will vote for one school board member, residents of Ward 4 for school board and council, and Ward 7 for council. Residents of Wards 1, 2, 5, 6, and 8 won’t be voting this time. The deadline for registering to vote in the special election was April 2.

Candidates for the three positions are below. If I’m missing any candidates or links, let me know in the comments.

District II Member of the Board of Education

District II for the Board of Education corresponds to Wards 3 and 4. This school board seat is vacant because Mayor Fenty appointed Victor Reinoso to be his deputy mayor for education. There are eight candidates, who are not identified by party because school board races (like advisory neighborhood commission races) are nonpartisan in DC.

Ward 4 Member of the Council

The Ward 4 council seat is vacant because of the election of Adrian Fenty as mayor. There are 19 people on the ballot: 17 Democrats, 1 Statehood Green candidate, and 1 independent. Check Jeff Steele’s extensive Ward 4 Special Election Website for more information.

Those running in Ward 4 include two of the mayoral candidates from last year (Brown and Milligan), two people named Bowser, and two people named Green (who provide our only hope of bringing us back to three different color names on the council after the departure of Vincent Orange).

Ward 7 Member of the Council

The Ward 7 council seat became vacant when Vincent Gray assumed the office of council chairman. There are 18 candidates: 14 Democrats and 4 independents. See the Ward 7 Special Election Website for more information.


  1. I urge everyone who reads this blog to check out the peoples candidate in Ward 4, Renee Bowser at

    She is a 17-year Ward 4 resident, a 5th year ANC Commissioner in ANC4D and now chairs that Commission, and has an extensive legal career including stints on the DC Commission for Human Rights.

    Renee Bowser needs your vote!

    —Chris O. • 5:55 am, April 18

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