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May 4, 2007

Sens. Obama and Clinton Support DC Voting Rights


This week Joe Lieberman introduced S. 1257, the Senate version of the DC voting rights bill (the House version, H.R. 1905, passed last month). So far he’s got seven cosponsors, and it’s good to see that they include two of the Democratic presidential candidates, along with other Democrats from across the political spectrum, and the two senators from Utah (both Republican):

I’m hoping that Lieberman will be able to reach out to more Republicans to increase support and avoid a filibuster. Of course even if the bill passes the Senate it may still be vetoed by the president, but I’m hoping that if enough Republicans go along Bush won’t feel obliged to use one of his rare vetoes to stand in the way of bringing partial democracy to the residents of the nation’s capital.

If you’re one of those Americans who’s fortunate enough to have senators, please contact them and ask them to support S. 1257. You can use Mike Panetta’s Free and Equal DC site to send a message (and DC residents can use it to send messages to their state-dwelling friends).


  1. […] 07/05/dcmap.JPG” rel=”lightbox[pics-1178313219]” title=”dcmap.JPG”>Keith at DCDL has a list of the senators co-sponsoring the bill to get us […]

    I’m Sorry, You’re Too Busy To Stick Your Name On A Bill You Support? - BlogDC5:26 pm

  2. My organization released a white paper yesterday which argues that this bill is constitutional. It also goes through several of the arguments raised against the bill and provides a response to each. For those of y’all who are interested, the paper is available here:


    Ian at ACS11:06 am, May 9

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