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July 17, 2007

Jared Bernstein at DCDL


We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, July 26, 6:30-9, our special guest will be Jared Bernstein. He’ll be discussing the new paperback edition of his book “All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy.”

The evening begins with Happy Hour 6:30-7:30 in the back room of Timberlake’s, 1726 Connecticut Ave NW (Dupont Circle Metro). The book discussion will run 7:30-8:15 with informal discussion and book signing until 9.

Books, supplied by Olsson’s Books, will be available for sale at the event. Light appetizers will be served.

You may have read Mr. Bernstein’s work at the American Prospect and TPMCafe. If not, you will certainly hear his ideas in the upcoming presidential race. Economic fairness, be it in the form of affordable health care, affordable college tuition, Social Security, or tax cuts for the wealthy, underlines a key difference between the two parties.

Mr. Bernstein describes the difference in terms of a conservative belief that Your On Your Own (YOYO) vs. a progressive belief that We’re In This Together (WITT). The difference is hardly theoretical. It means the difference between a society where the rich get richer, and one where society as a whole shares the risk and the benefits.

Barbara Ehrenreich, bestselling author of Nickel and Dimed and Bait and Switch writes:

“Jared Bernstein is to most economic writers what Red Bull is to a decaf latte. In All Together Now he makes such a rousing case for mutual responsibility and shared risk that you’ll leap out of your chair and into action. Everyone in the sub-billionaire class needs to read this book and send a gift copy to his or her elected officials.”


Jared Bernstein joined the Economic Policy Institute in 1992. He is the author of the new book, “All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy.” His areas of research include income inequality and mobility, trends in employment and earnings, low-wage labor markets and poverty, international comparisons, and the analysis of federal and state economic policies. Between 1995 and 1996, he held the post of deputy chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor. He is the co-author of eight editions of the book The State of Working America and has published extensively in popular and academic venues. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Columbia University.


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  2. Mr. Bernstein,
    After reading Mr. Greenspan’s WSJ commentary “The Roots of the Mortgage Crisis”, I would like to pose an idea that he missed. A lot of money, too much money, that has been shifted from the working class to the investing class, through Tax policy and cuts, was looking for a safe place to roost. That money thought it found its place in SIVs. There was so much money, the discipline to evaluate credit worthiness disappeared. Thus the boom and now the bust. My contention is that the country would have been better served if the money had stayed with the working class. That money is now wasted and gone and we are all the poorer.
    Bill Crecelius 16DE07

    —William Crecelius • 1:12 pm, December 16

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