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August 17, 2005



Yesterday was an exciting day for Late Monday, shortly before midnight, I e-mailed Atrios about my post on the changes to the Freedom Walk site. Within minutes, he linked it from his site, and the traffic started coming.

For some reason, no one (that Google knows about) has used the word “Atriolanche” before, though “Instalanche” is of course very common and “Kosalanche” has occurred a few times. During the next 24 hours experienced more traffic than it had during the previous two months of its existence (which isn’t saying that much, since traffic has been pretty low):

Period Visits Pages Hits
June 9 – August 15 4,426 12,095 28,022
August 16 9,987 11,074 50,399

“Visits” is an estimate of the number of times people visited the site (counting the same person twice if they visited again after a long wait). “Pages” is the number of web pages viewed. “Hits” is the total number of web requests made, including graphics and other components as well as HTML pages.

More than 10,000 people have downloaded the article now, and some of them have probably even read it. Things are much quieter today, but not quite back to our normal level, and we did get linked from a handful of other blogs. So a few more people know about us now.

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