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August 17, 2005

Stand By Your Man


Via Pandagon we get this fascinating Focus on the Family Series: Eight Points That Show, Christian or Not, He’s Still a Guy. Some excerpts:

When he dropped me off, I remember thinking how guy-like he was. That’s when I started thinking about burping and how most men like to do it. And how Moses and the apostles burped. D. James Kennedy, Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, my husband — they all burp. Guys burp. With gusto and obvious delight. [ed: Some parts of the Bible I’m more familiar with than others. Which book does the Moses reference come from?]

Guys don’t “do lunch” or go shopping with other guys. There’s no point, no goal. How do you win? [ed: well, I suppose you could have a food fight.]

I have a friend whose husband and father-in-law pull each other’s arm hair in an attempt to get the other one to cry or at least wince in pain. [ed: and that’s during worship service.]

For Barry, his “cave” is his truck. When he needs to sort things out, he heads for the highway — alone. [ed: Me go cave. Start fire. Fire good.]

He gives the age-old example of men not wanting to ask for directions when they’re lost, and he cautions women against offering a man advice unless he asks. [ed: or, you could get him GPS. Electronic devices go a long way towards keeping your man satisfied.

For hours of endless entertainment, read the whole thing.

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