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December 31, 2005

Most Popular Posts of 2005


It’s the end of the year, and the DCDL blog has been around for nearly seven months now, so I thought I’d do a little analysis. We’ve had 219 posts and 320 nonspam comments (plus more than 500 spam comments, almost none of which have penetrated our formidable spam defenses), and these are our ten most read blog posts for the year:

  1. Freedom Walk Description Changes (August 15): the first of a series obsessively tracking the Pentagon’s Freedom Walk site (far and away the most read post because it was linked by Atrios)
  2. Bizarre Smear Campaign in Ward 3 (November 5): a report on an odd local political campaign
  3. Our Liberal Media (September 26): one of many examinations of bias in the Washington Post
  4. HUD Joins Freedom Walk Promotion (September 7): further word about the Freedom Walk, and the pressuring of government employees to participate
  5. The DLC Rises Again (July 26): ranting about the Republican wing of the Democratic Party
  6. Milquetoast Democrats Strike Again (July 23): criticism of wimps in the Senate
  7. Separated at Birth? (October 6): a side-by-side comparison of Judith Miller and her actress twin
  8. Where Is Home? (July 10): recognition of the Poor Man’s ridicule of the flypaper strategy
  9. A Skunk at the Freedom Walk Party (August 30): an alert about anti-everything religious wacko Fred Phelps’s attendance at the Freedom Walk
  10. Where Are the Slimers? (October 26): idle speculation about the Republican smear machine


  1. Regarding Mr. Rees…a fascinating slew:

    —Luke • 9:38 pm, January 11, 2006

  2. Be sure and read his impressive list of verified aliases first. Then see what “they”‘ve spent the few week posting. (If you can’t keep track of all the fake names, look for the tell-tale syntactical and grammatical anomalies.)

    —Disgusted • 10:56 pm, January 11, 2006


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