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June 11, 2006

“Inconvenient Truth” Night


Thanks to all who came out last night to make our dinner-and-a-movie outing to see Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” a success. There were about 25 of us, and everyone seems to have been impressed by Gore’s delivery of his message. AltHippo has posted his thoughts.

Anyone who hasn’t seen “An Inconvenient Truth” should go see it. As it said at the end of the film, there’s more about steps you can take on the film’s website.

The industry-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute (recently mocked webwide for its “CO2: They call it pollution, we call it life!” ads) has come out with ads attacking Al Gore that feature numbers that are wildly off and seem to be completely made up.

Salon has an article talking to actual scientists about whether Gore got the science right. One of the scientists, Eric Steig of the University of Washington, has posted a review on the RealClimate website (and while looking at the site I saw an interesting article about carbon offsets).


  1. Gore’s movie is definitely one I will go see. I’m not sure Gore got the science 100% correct, but I’ll listen to him anyway. I would’ve preferred to be listening to him the last 5+ years, but unfortunately, we got the schmuck instead.

    PoliticalCritic10:19 pm

  2. If you want to know how accurate the science is, take a look at the critique here:

    The consensus seems to be that yes, overall it is accurate, with nothing misleading or specifically wrong.

    —Hiro • 8:53 am, June 13

  3. Oops, -1 reading comprehension, the realclimate article was linked in the original post, Sorry.

    —Hiro • 8:54 am, June 13

  4. It’s definitely good that the folks at are debating the science behind the movie and exposing the details that are contentious. It lends credibility to all the issues when we know what parts are right and what parts are iffy.

    There is now a new site dedicated to promoting An Inconvenient Truth by offering to pay for anyone’s movie ticket, while encouring inspired viewers to donate money for the fund. It’s called Share The Truth at, and there are no strings attached nor is it for profit nor affiliated with any politics.

    I believe as you do that anyone who hasn’t seen it should; so what better way to get more people to see it than to offer free tickets? If the idea seems compelling to you, please consider having a short blurb about to get the word out.

    Thank you for your review and also hosting the dinner-and-a-movie outing!

    eric3:23 am, June 18

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