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June 12, 2006

Meet Ned Lamont, Lieberman Challenger


If you think liberal bloggers are hard on Joe Lieberman, check out this piece by Paul Bass from the Hartford Courant.

If you’re tired of Lieberman and are in the DC area, you have an opportunity to meet the man who hopes to put an end to his time in the Senate as Bush’s favorite Democrat. Ned Lamont, a Democrat who’s running in the August 8 primary, will be at the Take Back America conference:

Tuesday, June 13, 5-7pm
Solar Suite, Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC

You don’t have to go to the conference to attend the event. Donations are requested, but you’re welcome to come and support Lamont even if you can’t afford to give.


  1. Dear Ned Lamont,

    I applaud your efforts to dislodge Lieberman, who really should not be able to call himself a democrat.

    I would like to be able to donate to your campaign, but as I am a retired American on a fixed income, I need to save my donations for those folks who are in my state and district.

    Nevertheless, I wish you a very successful campaign in the primary and then in the general election.

    —Lesly Arnold • 9:30 pm, June 13

  2. I’ve met Ned– I’ve seen Joe–

    Ned is the man! I encourage all who can afford to do so to contribute something to Ned’s campaign.

    Don’t buy the “why risk a safe seat” argument; Ned will beat the Republican candidate far more handily than Joe would have you believe.

    And get this– even though it’s logistically highly unlikely, Joe refuses to say that he will support Ned if Ned wins the August 8 primary. He’s hinted that he’d consider a run as an independent.

    I urge progressive-minded Americans to support Ned Lamont, and I urge those of us in Connecticut to vote for him on August 8.

    I too am retired on a fixed income, and I’ve dedicated my political dollars to Ned Lamont and a few select progressive candidates around the country whose election will refocus America on what we should and must be doing at home and internationally.

    —Marilyn A. Bonomi • 9:32 am, June 14

  3. Last year my children gave me an XM satellite radio. I’ve heard you many time on Air America.

    I wish I could contribute, but I,too, am a 74 year old on a fixed income. Being an Illinosian, I feel quite safe since I live in Jan’s district and have two wonderful Senators.

    I wish you luck. We don’t need “Holy Joe” any more !

    —Harlene Kopp • 5:23 pm, June 14

  4. Let’s get these Israeli suck-ups out of office!

    —Mark Rutherford • 3:16 pm, June 15

  5. Liebderman represents Israel and the Bush Administration. We need a fair and balanced foreign policy
    for not only the Israelis, but also for the Palestinians. Lieberman does not represent the Democratic
    Party. He needs to be permanently retired!

    —meg hillert • 2:46 pm, June 23

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